Roadside Vegetation

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Policy for Roadside Vegetation Control

Barry County Road Commission

Adopted:  May 17, 2005


Roadside vegetation control in Barry County shall be done by using the following methods:  Roadside Mowing, Brush Cutting, Brush Spraying, Seasonal tree removal and trimming, Requested tree removal and Emergency tree removal.

Roadside Mowing

Roadside Mowing shall be done during the growing season by Contract.  See Roadside Mowing and Trimming Specifications.

Brush Cutting

Brush Cutting shall be performed by the Barry County Road Commission with use of its Caterpillar rubber tired excavator and slashbuster attachment or with the brushcutting crew.  Trees and brush may be cut out to the right of way or at least to a minimum of 12 feet off the edge of the shoulder.  All trees, brush and limbs under roughly 12 inches in diameter may be cut.  The height of cutting shall be limited to approximately 20 feet high.  Maintained residential frontage (mowed from the residence to the road) shall not be cut with the brush cutter unless verbal permission has been granted.

In all directions of intersections, additional trees and brush may be cut to help provide sight distance.  Trees and brush shall be cut out to the right of way line provided it meets the size requirements listed above.  To provide increased sight vision, trees and brush may also be cut beyond the right of way as permitted by the landowner.

Brush Spraying

Brush spraying shall be done toward the end of summer to somewhat coincide with the seasonal browning of vegetation.  Crop areas, residential frontage (mowed from the residence to the road) and ornamental vegetation shall not be sprayed without permission from the landowner.  Brush Spraying shall be as determined by the BCRC but also in conjunction with brush cutting.  Areas cut with the brush cutter shall be followed up with brush spraying 1 to 3 years later to help control re growth.  Brush spraying shall be done by Contract.

Seasonal Tree Removal and Trimming

Tree removal and trimming shall be performed by the Barry County Road Commission or a Contractor designated by the Barry County Road Commission.  This practice shall include the cutting of trees/brush and trimming of limbs with use of a high ranger and or ground crew.  Trees of all sizes may be cut through this program with larger stumps ground flush with the ground.  Larger trees shall be scheduled for removal with the landowner and the wood left at the property owner’s request.  Potentially hazardous trees that need to be removed, but for which permission is not granted, should be addressed by the Superintendent.  If the Superintendent cannot obtain permission, the situation will be discussed with the Managing Director.  If the tree/trees pose a probable hazard or pose a sight vision problem, the tree/trees shall be removed.

In the case of residential frontage that is maintained up to the roadside, the landowner will be given one (1) fall season to transplant (at the landowners expense) any trees or shrubs that they would like relocated.  On or after the January 1st immediately following the transplanting time, the above vegetation (trees, shrubs, brush) shall be removed and disposed of by the Barry County Road Commission.  A certified form letter shall be mailed to the landowner stating the time allowed for transplanting as well as the date after which removal may happen without further notification.

Requested Tree Removal

Trees located within the right of way or that have the potential to impact a county road may be removed by the Barry County Road Commission when requested by property owners.  If the landowner would like the wood disposed of, the Road Commission will do so when a convenient location can be found.  Where there is not a convenient location for the tree the landowner will provide a disposal site.  This removal will be done along with the seasonal tree removal program listed above.

Emergency Tree Removal

A downed tree removed as part of a storm or high winds shall be removed from the roadway and placed back onto the property from which it came.  The owner of the tree shall be responsible for disposing of the wood.

No Spraying” and “No Cutting Permits

The Barry County Road Commission recognizes the fact that some landowners may be opposed to spraying or cutting along their roadsides.  Therefore the Road Commission will allow landowners to maintain their own frontages to the standards listed herein.  This will be recorded in the form of a “No Spraying” and/or “No Cutting” permit.  Landowners will be required to fill out, sign and return the permit to the Road Commission.  Roadsides for which permits have been recorded by the Road Commission and properly maintained by the landowner will not be sprayed or cut in compliance with applicable permits.  Landowners will have 45 days to comply with the permit requirements after which the Road Commission will perform the cutting or spraying at its convenience.  Landowners must fill out a permit annually to insure accurate and up to date records.

Landowner Concerns

Landowners concerned with any part of this policy or those who would like to see changes to this policy are requested to attend a regularly scheduled Board Meeting of the Board of County Road Commissioners of Barry County.  If you are unable to attend a regularly scheduled meeting, please write a letter to the Board.  If you would to address the Board in person, please contact the Managing Director regarding the scheduling a special meeting at a more practical time.