Transportation Asset Management Council

The information in this dashboard has been provided by the Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council for the State of Michigan. (TAMC Website)
The gauges from the dashboards show the condition, operation, and investment in Michigan’s public road system from the Transportation Asset Management Council (TAMC) website (see Road Data). By viewing the gauges you can measure the performance of the Barry County Road Commission (BCRC) and compare performance for roads under the jurisdiction of the State of Michigan, counties, cities and villages.

  • Pavement: gauges the condition of paved road surfaces for the BCRC
  • Bridge: gauges the condition of BCRC bridges based on bi-annual bridge inspections
  • Traffic: gauges the estimated annual miles on BCRC roadways
  • Safety: gauges the number of traffic accidents to measure how effectively the BCRC road system is performing
  • Maintenance: gauges the activities of snow removal, patching, grading, and mowing
  • Finance: gauges how investments in the road and bridge system are made by the BCRC according to Public Act 51 reporting

The 2022 BCRC Transportation Asset Management Plan can be found here (BCRC Transportation AMP – 2022).  This document will be updated every third year per PA 325 OF 2018