Southcentral Michigan Planning Commission – Region 3

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) distributes Federal Aid funds through a mechanism called regional task forces.  A local Task Force for roads within the county, cities, villages, and mass transit prioritizes projects.  Once a local prioritization list has been voted on at the local level our representative takes those projects to the full region task force.  The federal aid funds are distributed by the full region voting on projects to allocate funds to based on regional needs.  Barry county is in task force #3 along with Kalamazoo county, Calhoun county, St. Joe county, and Branch county.  In addition to road and bridge projects, projects involving mass transportation and non-motorized transportation may be considered.  Project priority lists are constructed in 4 year cycles with a one year overlap.  Approximately, each year, a local meeting is held to discuss any changes.  About twice a year the full task force meets to update any projects that need to be revised.  These meetings are open to the public.

Questions regarding these meetings can be directed to the Barry County Road Commission at 269-945-3449 or by email at


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