Sealcoating, also known as Chip Sealing, is a very common and cost-effective preventative maintenance for existing asphalt pavements. It seals and renews a roadway surface that is still in good condition. It should provide 5 to 10 years of additional life to the pavement. The BCRC chip sealing operation is performed in the warm summer months.

 How is it done?

A seal coat or chip seal is a single application of asphalt sprayed on a road surface followed immediately by a single layer of uniform size aggregate. It treats the surface to prevent water from penetrating the old weathered or cracked pavements. The asphalt seals the old pavement and the aggregate carries the traffic. This reduces potholes and slows deterioration of old asphalt pavement surfaces. Once the chip seal is applied it is immediately rolled and then any loose stone is swept away. The BCRC and the 16 Townships chip seal approximately 70 miles of roadway a year.