February 6, 2007

The meeting of the Barry County Road Commission was called to order at 6:30 P.M. by Chairman Willcutt.

Members present:  Willcutt, Dykstra, Fiala and Managing Director Brad Lamberg. 

The agenda for February 6, 2007 was approved.

Ken Witker came into the Board Meeting and submitted the following letter to the Board.

My Name is Ken Witker and I was selected by the Jones Crossing Association to represent them here today.  Our subdivision is located off of the east side of Heath Road being the first subdivision north of Wal-Mart.  I am here this morning to ask for your help and support in solving a problem at the entrance of our subdivision on Dakota Trail.  We believe we have a health and safety issue because of the increase traffic and speeds on Heath Road.  Our problem is when we approach Dakota Trail from the south, the speed of traffic behind us is becoming more dangerous year by year.  We have traffic passing each other in access of 60-70-80 MPH.  There seems to be a race for some to get to M-37 to the North or M-37/M-43 to the South.  We are all very much afraid of getting rear-ended as we make our turn onto Dakota Trail.

  1. We would like to see 4 – 55 MPH speed limit signs posted along Heath Road.  One north of the state street M-43/M-37 intersection on Heath Road, and one just north of the Tanner Lake Road intersection.  One South on Heath Road from the M-37 intersection and one just south of the Tanner Lake Road intersection.
  1. We would like to have the south side radii increased for Dakota Trail and Heath Road so there would not be such a 90 degree turn and have to slow down to 5 MPH to turn especially if there is a car waiting to enter Heath Road from Dakota Trail.
  1. The most ideal situation would be to have a deceleration lane installed along the east side of Heath Road leading to the entrance of Dakota Trail.  This would be the solution for the years to come and the expected increase in traffic.

I know we all have budgets and priorities but we would like to have our requests put on your lists to consider.  We feel that these are health and safety issues and would like to have them acted upon in a responsible manner.

Motion by Commissioner Fiala seconded by Commissioner Dykstra to widen radius on Heath Road at Dakota Trail when the next overlay is being done.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt, Dykstra, & Fiala

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

Mr. Witker will call Brad Lamberg this spring to look into an estimate for widening work.

The minutes of January 23, 2007 were approved as read by the Secretary.

Motion by Commissioner Dykstra seconded by Commissioner Fiala to approve the payroll for payment.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt, Dykstra, & Fiala

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

CHECK              NAME                                                                            AMOUNT

                            Barry County Road Commission                                       $86,232.70

Motion by Commissioner Fiala seconded by Commissioner Dykstra to approve the bills for payment.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt, Dykstra, & Fiala

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

   Check               Name                                                                         Amount      

    20654                 ALRO STEEL CORPORATION                                           $497.25

    20655                 BLUE CARE NETWORK                                                   $18,457.96

    20656                 CARDMEMBER SERVICE                                                 $195.00

    20657                 LAWSON PRODUCTS, INC                                               $50.32

    20658                 MICHIGAN CHLORIDE SALES LLC                                    $623.70

    20659                 NAPA AUTO PARTS                                                       $304.92

    20660                 AFLAC                                                                          $126.00

    20661                 AGGREGATE INDUSTRIES                                               $882.00

    20662                 ALEXANDER WALDEN                                                   $552.54

    20663                 ALRO STEEL CORPORATION                                           $172.36

    20664                 AM-DYN-IC FLUID POWER                                              $215.40

    20665                 AMERICAN MESSAGING                                                $10.00

    20666                 ARISTOCHEM, INC                                                         $308.73

    20667                 ASR CORPORATION                                                       $90.00

    20668                 B & B TRUCK EQUIPMENT INC                                        $248.66

    20669                 BARRY CO CHAMBER OF COMM                                     $103.00

    20670                 BARRY COUNTY LUMBER                                               $800.44

    20671                 BEAVER RESEARCH COMPANY                                       $1,014.25

    20672                 BERT KEELER                                                                $380.00

    20673                 BESCO WATER TREATMENT INC                                    $39.75

    20674                 BETTY MOORE                                                              $138.28

    20675                 CHARLES BENEDICT                                                      $552.54

    20676                 CONSUMERS ENERGY                                                     $7,944.51

    20677                 COUNTY ROAD ASSOCIATION                                        $10.00

    20678                 CUMMINS BRIDGEWAY LLC                                           $529.21

    20679                 DETROIT SALT COMPANY LLC                                       $23,979.53

    20680                 DIC CRAVEN                                                                  $276.54

    20681                 DUANE WINDES                                                            $6.15

    20682                 DUTHLER TRUCK CENTER                                              $172.68

    20683                 EAGLE COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY INC                             $90.00

    20684                 FIDELITY INVESTMENTS                                                $6,917.31

    20685                 FILLMORE EQUIPMENT, INC                                           $75.90

    20686                 FOX FORD                                                                     $298.59

    20687                 FREEPORT NEWS/GEIGER PRINTERS                                $569.30

    20688                 CHRIS BEBEAU BCRC                                                     $349.74

    20689                 GAYLORD PENNINGTON                                                 $138.28

    20690                 GERALD CISLER                                                             $552.54

    20691                 GUARDIAN ALARM COMPANY                                      $23.92

    20692                 HASTINGS ACE HARDWARE                                          $161.29

    20693                 HEATHER SMITH                                                           $52.38

    20694                 HOEKSEMA TOOL SERVICE INC                                       $72.40

    20695                 HOWARD HOSTETLER                                                   $552.54

    20696                 HUGH MCPHERSON                                                        $138.28

    20697                 JACK KINEMAN                                                            $552.54

    20698                 JERRYS TIRE SERVICE                                                     $16.00

    20699                 KENNETH HURLESS                                                       $552.54

    20700                 KENNETH PRANSHKA                                                    $552.54

    20701                 KENT OIL COMPANY, INC.                                              $16,133.71

    20702                 KENDALL PRANSHKA                                                    $138.28

    20703                 LAWSON PRODUCTS, INC                                               $410.04

    20704                 M&K QUALITY TRUCK CENTER                                      $289.80

    20705                 MANPOWER OF HASTINGS                                            $738.72

    20706                 MARK WEEKS                                                               $33.00

    20707                 MICHIGAN CAT                                                             $1,852.84

    20708                 MICHIGAN TURBO                                                         $750.00

    20709                 MIKE LUCKS                                                                 $121.89

    20710                 MODEL COVERALL SERVICE                                           $44.58

    20711                 NAPA AUTO PARTS                                                       $650.58

    20712                 NEAL’S TRUCK PARTS                                                    $1,363.02

   Check               Name                                                                         Amount      

    20713                 NEXT GENERATION                                                       $5,000.00

    20714                 ONE COMMUNICATIONS                                                $157.89

    20715                 OSCAR W LARSON COMPANY                                        $3,180.00

    20716                 PATRICIA WOLF                                                            $276.28

    20717                 PAUL PRANSHKA                                                          $552.54

    20718                 POWERNET GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS                        $20.02

    20719                 PROFESSIONAL BENEFITS SERVICES                                $2,070.00

    20720                 PURITY CYLINDER GASES INC                                         $1,181.90

    20721                 QUALITY STAFFING SOLUTION                                      $1,109.90

    20722                 QUILL CORPORATION                                                    $190.40

    20723                 RICHARD RAYMOND                                                     $276.54

    20724                 ROAD EQUIPMENT PARTS                                              $398.21

    20725                 ROBERT BAINES                                                            $276.54

    20726                 ROBERT NAGEL                                                             $552.54

    20727                 ROBERT SLOCUM                                                          $689.72

    20728                 ROGER PASHBY                                                             $27.16

    20729                 S A E INDUSTRIES, INC                                                   $229.50

    20730                 S A MORMAN & COMPANY                                            $277.84

    20731                 SCOTT CIVIL ENGINEERING COMPANY                            $4,837.80

    20732                 SOUTHERN MI RD COMM CLERK ASSOC                         $20.00

    20733                 STANDARD INSURANCE CO.                                          $426.42

    20734                 STATE SPRING ALIGNMENT & BRAKE                             $239.00

    20735                 STATE WIRE & TERMINAL                                             $106.35

    20736                 VERMEER OF MICHIGAN INC                                          $13.58

    20737                 VESCO OIL CORPORATION                                              $2,960.95

    20738                 WALKER, FLUKE, & SHELDON PLC                                  $2,700.00

    20739                 WASTE MANAGEMENT OF MI                                        $128.05

    20740                 WAYNE ROUSH                                                             $552.54

    20741                 WIELAND INTERNATIONAL                                           $314.90

    20742                 WOODLAND SALES & SERVICE                                       $36.39

                            Grand Total:                                                                           $121,677.23

Commissioner Fiala to serve on the Solid Waste Committee and to change the appointment of the Economic and Development Board to Commissioner Dykstra.

Motion by Commissioner Fiala seconded by Commissioner Dykstra that upon receipt of a resolution from the Township of Canon stating they will correct any and all interference caused to the Barry County Road Commission by their operation the Barry County Road Commission will send a letter of concurrence on the agreement of the Township of Canon using an adjacent radio channel.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt, Dykstra, & Fiala

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

The Board voted on the County Road Association of Michigan Ballots for Board of Directors and Amending the By-Laws.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 P.M.

_________________________________                   __________________________________

Chairman                                                                      Secretary

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