May 17, 2005

 The regular meeting of the Barry County Road Commission was called to order at 8:00 A.M. by Chairman Willcutt.

Members present:  Willcutt, Dykstra, Pashby, and Managing Director Brad Lamberg,

The agenda for May 17, 2005 was approved.

The minutes of May 3, 2005 were approved as read by the Secretary.

Motion by Commissioner Pashby seconded by Commissioner Dykstra to approve the payroll for payment.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt, Dykstra, & Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

CHECK              NAME                                                                            AMOUNT

                            Barry County Road Commission                                       $83,491.85

Motion by Commissioner Pashby seconded by Commissioner Dykstra to approve the bills for payment.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt, Dykstra, & Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

   Check               Name                                                                         Amount                  

    17501                 C & N SUPPLY                                                                $28.01

    17502                 CHRIS BEBEAU BCRC                                                     $92.74

    17503                 NAPA AUTO PARTS                                                       $382.02

    17504                 WYOMING ASPHALT PAVING CO                                    $1,043.46

    17505                 AIS CONST EQUIP CORP                                                 $28.84

    17506                 REGIONS INTERSTATE BILLING                                       $1,018.16

    17507                 ALEXANDER HAMILTON INSTITUTE INC                         $38.25

    17508                 ALLTEL                                                                         $197.28

    17509                 AM-DYN-IC FLUID POWER                                              $146.25

    17510                 ARCH WIRELESS                                                            $45.70

    17511                 BEAVER RESEARCH COMPANY                                       $54.00

    17512                 BESCO WATER TREATMENT INC                                    $55.75

    17513                 BRAD LAMBERG                                                            $500.58

    17514                 CITY OF HASTINGS                                                        $369.82

    17515                 COGITATE INC                                                               $25.00

    17516                 CSI/GEOTURF, INC.                                                         $434.96

    17517                 DANIEL BURGHDOFF                                                     $200.00

    17518                 DORNBOS SIGN & SAFETY INC                                        $1,160.69

    17519                 FIDLAR DOUBLEDAY INC                                               $237.36

    17520                 FIDELITY INVESTMENTS                                                $5,961.76

    17521                 FITZPATRICK’S                                                              $150.00

    17522                 FREEPORT NEWS/GEIGER PRINTERS                                $96.80

    17523                 GARY VANDECAR                                                          $309.48

    17524                 CHRIS BEBEAU BCRC                                                     $90.08

    17525                 GREAT LAKES GRAVEL & SAND                                      $59.36

    17526                 HASTINGS ACE HARDWARE                                          $104.98

    17527                 HEATHER SMITH                                                           $53.14

    17528                 JDE EQUIPMENT                                                            $21,900.00

    17529                 JERRYS TIRE SERVICE                                                     $159.24

    17530                 KENT OIL COMPANY, INC.                                              $16,907.06

    17531                 KETCHUM MACHINE CO                                                $100.00

    17532                 M&K QUALITY TRUCK CENTER                                      $85.16

    17533                 MICHIGAN CAT                                                             $16,443.84

    17534                 MICHIGAN COMPANY INC                                              $265.65

    17535                 MIKA, MEYERS, BECKETT & JONES                                 $672.00

    17536                 MODEL COVERALL SERVICE                                           $36.00

    17538                 NAPA AUTO PARTS                                                       $1,366.92

    17539                 NEAL’S TRUCK PARTS                                                    $1,043.37

    17540                 NEXTEL COMMUNICATIONS                                          $359.47

   Check               Name                                                                         Amount                  

    17541                 NORTHERN SAFETY CO. INC                                           $503.94

    17542                 PENNOCK HOSPITAL                                                      $340.00

    17543                 PROFESSIONAL BENEFITS SERVICES                                $5,103.00

    17544                 PURITY CYLINDER GASES INC                                         $356.84

    17545                 QUALITY STAFFING SOLUTION                                      $627.38

    17546                 QUILL CORPORATION                                                    $354.38

    17547                 ROAD EQUIPMENT PARTS                                              $614.08

    17548                 ROBERT RICHARDSON                                                   $90.44

    17549                 ROGER PASHBY                                                             $24.60

    17550                 SANISWEEP INC                                                            $360.00

    17551                 SOUTH KENT GRAVEL INC                                              $174.49

    17552                 STANDARD INSURANCE CO.                                          $1,090.36

    17553                 STATE SPRING ALIGNMENT & BRAKE                             $1,194.43

    17554                 ST. REGIS CULVERT INC                                                  $189.20

    17555                 TRACTOR SUPPLY COMPANY                                         $69.98

    17556                 TRUCK & TRAILER SPECIALTIES                                     $1,196.00

    17557                 VALLEY INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS, INC                             $397.19

    17558                 WALKER, FLUKE, & SHELDON PLC                                  $6,825.00

    17559                 WASTE MANAGEMENT OF MI                                        $126.25

    17560                 WONCH BATTERY COMPANY                                         $289.83

    17561                 WYOMING ASPHALT PAVING CO                                    $4,237.92

    17562                 X-CEL CHEMICAL SPEC CO                                             $154.40

                            Grand Total:                                                                     $96,542.89

Motion by Commissioner Pashby seconded by Commissioner Dykstra to accept the resolutions from Woodland, Hope, Rutland, and Castleton Townships.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt, Dykstra, & Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

Woodland Township Resolution

Now be it resolved that the Woodland Township Board has approved the following projects:

Jordan Road (near Rush Road)                                                 $37,800

Wellman Road (between Coats Grove and Davenport)             $  5,000

     (with additional $1,000 for culverts if deemed necessary by BCRC)

Gravel (report less the amounts listed for above roads)              $  9,265

Chloride 1 pass 38%                                                                            $  8,320

Hope Township Resolution

At the May 9, 2005 regular meeting of the Hope Township Board of Trustees made the following decisions concerning Hope Township Gravel roads.

1.  Prime and Tripe Seal for 500′ West of Kingsbury Road on Walldorff Road.

2.  Ditch and Re-gravel for 300′ south of Peake Road on Wilkins Road. 

     Conditional on it being both sides of the road.

We have decided to wait on the other 3 intersections until next year.

Rutland Charter Township Resolution

Whereas, the Township Board is authorized to determine road projects to be completed within the Township, and

Whereas, The Township Board has determined the following paved road projects for fiscal year 2005:

Woodruff Road, Solomon Road to West State Road – Slag Seal                                  $  5,525

Irving Road (Third Year Final Seal)                                                                               $  4,100

Green Street, West M-37 Highway to Cook Road

   – Rubberize and Resurface (FAS Projects)                                                                $35,000

Hammond Road, West State Road to 500′ North of Iroquois Trail – Slag Seal  $  8,840

Total Paved Road Expenditures                                                                                    $53,465

Whereas, the Township Board has determined the gravel road projects for fiscal year 2005:

2,364 cubic yards crushed gravel @ $5.50/yard                                                            $13,002

Distributed on roads listed on gravel road recommendation with the exception of the following roads:

(22) Whitmore Road – Sager to Goodwill

(23) Whitmore Road – Goodwill to Gun Lake Road

(17) Bowens Mill Road – Whitmore to Peets

(18) Oak Road – Whitmore to Bowens Mill

(30) Havens Road – Goodwill to Town Line

(47) Sager Road to Town Line – Stub West of Cedar Creek

Total Gravel Road Expenditure                                                                         $13,002

Whereas, the Township Board has determined the chloride application project to be at a cost of $22,924.

1st application – @ 26% to be applied after the Barry County Road Commission has graded the roads smooth and asked not to pull the shoulders prior to this application.

1st application total – $11,462

2nd application – @ 26% to be applied after the Barry County Road Commission has graded the roads smooth and asked not to pull the shoulders prior to this application.

2nd application total – $11,462

Distributed on roads listed on the chloride recommendation.

Total Chloride Application Project                                                                                $22,924

Now Therefore Be It Resolved that Rutland Charter Township Board does hereby authorize the road projects as listed.

Total Road Expenditures                                                                                               $89,391

Castleton Township Resolution

Due to budget constraints and the 5 year commitment on East State Road the Castleton Township Board approved the following expenditure on roads for 2005 as follows:

1.  2nd payment on 5 year commitment.                         $60,800

2.  Road Gravel – crushed where best needed.              $  6,000

3.  Chloride, one pass on all roads.                                           $  5,820

                                                                        Total                $72,620

If road conditions warrant it and budget allows a second application of chloride may be approved.

Apply the chloride later around the last of May.

Enclosed you will please find a petition for a scenic or nature tour route on Martin Road between Center Road and East State Road.  The Township Board approved the request subject to approval and action by the Barry County Road Commission.

Signing request for Pine Lake Area tabled.

Motion by Commissioner Dykstra seconded by Commissioner Pashby to approve the use of CRA100 form, Permit To Work In Right Of Way.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt, Dykstra, & Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

Motion by Commissioner Willcutt seconded by Commissioner Dykstra to approve the amended policy for Roadside Vegetation dated May 17, 2005.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt, Dykstra, & Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

Motion by Commissioner Willcutt seconded by Commissioner Dykstra to approve the amended Plat Specifications dated May 17, 2005.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt, Dykstra, & Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

Public Hearing for Ickes Road is to be set for sometime in July at the Baltimore Township Hall.

Motion by Commissioner Willcutt seconded by Commissioner Dykstra to change the regular meeting scheduled for June 14, 2005 to June 16, 2005.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt, Dykstra, & Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

Meeting adjourned at 12:20 P.M.

_________________________________                   __________________________________

Chairman                                                                      Secretary

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