June 17, 2003


The regular meeting of the Barry County Road Commission was called to order. by Chairman Willcutt at 9:00 A.M.


Members present:  Willcutt, Pashby, Dykstra, and Managing Director Brad Lamberg.


The agenda for the June 17, 2003 meeting was approved.


The minutes of June 3, 2003 was approved as read by the Secretary.


Motion by Commissioner Dykstra seconded by Commissioner Pashby to approve the payroll for payment.


     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt, Dykstra, and Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

 CHECK              NAME                                                                            AMOUNT

                            Barry County Road Commission                                       $81,272.83


Motion by Commissioner Dykstra seconded by Commissioner Pashby to approve the bills for payment.


     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt, Dykstra, and Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

 CHECK              NAME                                                                            AMOUNT

013764                  Kendall Industrial, Inc.                                                                 72.77

013765                  Napa Auto Parts                                                                       449.59

013766                  State Wire & Terminal                                                               206.11

013767                  Wyoming Asphalt Paving Company                                           390.81

013768                  Michigan Chloride Sales                                                       11,458.75

013769                  Airport Sand & Gravel                                                              160.00

013770                  Regions Interstate Bill                                                                332.75

013071                  Alltell                                                                                         215.24

013772                  Alro Steel Corporation                                                              158.73

013773                  Arch Wireless                                                                              32.84

013774                  Aristochem, Inc.                                                                        860.53

013775                  Barry County Lumber                                                                    5.58

013776                  Barry County Treasurer                                                          6,089.89

013777                  Beaver Research Company                                                     1,020.85

013778                  Besco Water Treatment, Inc.                                                       51.26

013779                  Bill Seif                                                                                      631.37

013780                  Brad Lamberg                                                                           464.04

013781                  Burkey Sales & Service                                                             185.80

013782                  Callender & Dornbos                                                                868.99

013783                  Cappon’s                                                                                    51.00

013784                  City of Hastings                                                                         344.82

013785                  Coldwell Banker Lakewood.                                                       35.00

013786                  Colwell Equipment Company, Inc.                                             204.12

013787                  Consumers Energy                                                                       16.88

013788                  Davis Construction Company                                                     420.00     

013789                  Duthler Truck Center                                                                   41.80

013790                  Fidelity Investments                                                                6,132.48

013791                  Fillmore Equipment, Inc.                                                            306.57

013792                  Fitzpatrick’s                                                                              515.00

013793                  Grant’s Woodshop, Inc.                                                         1,830.00

013794                  Halliday Sand & Gravel                                                        39,520.00

013795                  Hastings Office Supplies                                                              65.27

013796                  Hoeksema Tool Service, Inc.                                                     140.30

013797                  Ikon Office Solutions                                                                 433.93

   CHECK              NAME                                                                            AMOUNT

013798                  Jerry’s Tire Service                                                                 1,952.47

013799                  Kendall Industrial, Inc.                                                               162.74

013800                  Kent Oil Company, Inc.                                                          9,229.50

013801                  Lakeland Asphalt Corporation                                                   359.30     

013802                  M & K Quality Truck Center                                                     747.57

013803                  Michigan Asphalt                                                                    1,817.08

013804                  Michigan Cat                                                                          2,020.92

031805                  Michigan Company, Inc.                                                            228.73

013806                  Model Coverall Service                                                               32.26

013807                  Napa Auto Parts                                                                       295.75

013808                  NBT Screen Printing                                                                    66.00

013809                  Neal’s Truck Parts                                                                    276.90

013810                  Nextel Communications                                                             229.31

013811                  Pennock Hospital                                                                      232.00

013812                  Postmaster                                                                                126.00

013813                  Price and Company, Inc.                                                      21,900.00

013814                  Purity Cylinder Gases, Inc.                                                           27.20

013815                  Quality Staffing Solution                                                             736.95

013816                  Radio Communications, Inc.                                                   1,536.00

013817                  Radio Shack                                                                              132.98

013818                  Railroad Street Mill                                                                 1,210.00

013819                  Randy Roush                                                                             248.53

013820                  Road Equipment Parts                                                               818.36

013821                  RXOptical                                                                                   70.00

013822                  SAE Industries, Inc.                                                                     72.96

013823                  Sanisweep, Inc.                                                                         770.00

013824                  Spencers Towing & Tire                                                              97.50

013825                  State Spring Service                                                               1,325.45

013826                  State Wire & Terminal                                                               197.88

013827                  Truck & Trailer Specialties                                                          96.00     

013828                  Valley Industrial Products, Inc.                                                     86.53

013829                  Verplank Trucking Company                                                45,161.38

013830                  Walker, Fluke, Sheldon PLC                                                       65.00

013831                  Waste Management of Michigan                                                144.98

013832                  Wonch Battery Company                                                            94.95

013833                  Wyoming Asphalt Paving Company                                        2,428.71


                              TOTAL                                                                             168,710.96


Motion by Commissioner Dykstra seconded by Commissioner Pashby to accept the resolutions from Yankee Springs Township.


     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt, Dykstra, and Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried


Be it resolved at a special meeting of Yankee Springs Township Board held on June 3, 2003 motion made by Supervisor McCrumb, second by Trustee Cook to adopt Resolution No. 06-01-03 approving Barry County Road Commission Paved Road Repair Slag Seal 2003-2004/ Yes:  McCrumb; Lippert; Cook; Finkbeiner;  No:  Jerkatis.  As follows:


Lynn Drive                               North of Chief Noonday                                   $  5,000.00

Frederick & Oakwood Drive    Bowens Mill Road South & West

                                                To Dead End 20’ Wide            `                       $  5,000.00

Bluff Drive                                Briggs Road to Bowens Mill

20’ & 22’ Wide                                               $  7,000.00

Bass Road                                Patterson Road to Briggs Road             $  6,300.00

Bass Road                                Briggs Road to Cherry Valley Road                  $  1,600.00

Payne Lake Road                     Cobb Lake Road to Bowens Mill                     $  8,500.00

Payne Lake Road                     Chief Noonday Road to Cobb Lake Road        $  8,500.00

   Yankee Springs Township Resolution Cont. 

Gun Lake Road                        Yankee Springs Road to Shaw Road                $13,600.00

Archwood Drive                       Chief Noonday Road to 2100 South

                                                20’ Wide                                                          $  3,100.00

Trail’s End                                Hastings Point Road to Township Line  $  1,000.00


                                                Total Slag Seal                                     $59,600.00


Be it resolved at a special meeting of Yankee Springs Township Board held on June 3, 2003 motion made by McCrumb, second by Jerkatis to adopt Resolution No. 06-02-03 approving Barry County Road Commission Crushed Gravel Application with Fabric (Bowens Mill Road).  Yes:  McCrumb; Lippert; Cook; Finkbeiner; and Jerkatis.  As follows:


Bowens Mill Road                    Bassett Lake to Norris                                      $     275.00

Hermitage Trail             Trails End to Hastings   Point                           $     550.00

Norris Road                             Bowens Mill to Shaw Lake                               $  1,650.00

Norris Road                             Shaw Lake to Town Line                                  $     550.00

Bender Road                            Shaw Lake to Town Line                                  $     770.00

Bassett Lake Road                   Bowens Mill to Morey Drive                             $  1,430.00

Morey Drive                             West of Bassett Lake Road                              $     440.00

Upton & Kiser Road                Morey Drive to Shaw Lake Road                     $     880.00

Kiser Road                               Shaw Lake to Town Line                                  $     440.00

Peets Road                               Bowens Mill to M-37 (1/2 of Y.S. Share)         $     550.00

Peets Road                               Bowens Mill to M-179 (1/2 of Y.S. Share)       $     220.00

Bowens Mill Road                    Peets to Yankee Springs                                   $  1,100.00

Old Mill Road                          Bowens Mill South to Mill                                 $     110.00


Crushed Total 169 Loads or 1690 Yards                                                          $  8,965.00

            Plus Fabric Bowens Mill Road                                                 

West of Bassett Lake Road 660’ of Fabric                                                       $     325.00


                                                Total Amount                                                   $  9,290.00


Be it resolved at a special meeting of Yankee Springs Township Board held on June 3, 2003 motion made by McCrumb, second by Lippert to adopt Resolution No. 06-03-03 approving Barry County Road Commission Dust Control Chloride Applications:  All Yes   As follows:


1st Run with 38% Chloride                    1.97 Miles                                            $     730.00

Full Width                                            14.69 Miles                                          $10,870.00


2nd Run with 26% Chloride                   1.97 Miles                                            $     345.00

Full Width                                            14.69 Miles                                          $  5,485.00


Approved Chloride Application as stated above:                                               $17,430.00

 Grand Total for 2003-2004 Road Budget to Barry County Road Commission                                                  $86,320.00  

Motion by Commissioner Pashby seconded by Commissioner Dykstra to accept the resolution from Baltimore Township.


     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt, Dykstra, and Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

        Baltimore Township Resolution 

On March 28, 2003 the Baltimore Township board approved doing the following road projects for the 2003-2004 season:


Slag seal at the Clear Lake access.


Slag seal on Maple Grove Road to Butler Road splitting cost with Maple Grove Township.


Painting lines on Sager Road from South Broadway to M-37, splitting the cost with Hastings Township.


Motion by Commissioner Pashby seconded by Commissioner Dykstra to hereby request reimbursement in the amount of $10,000.00 for payments made during the period of July 1, 2002 through June 30, 2003 to a licensed professional engineer employed by this Commission in accordance with Section 12(2) of Act 51, as amended.


     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt, Dykstra, and Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried


Motion by Commissioner Dykstra seconded by Commissioner Pashby to authorize Amendment #3 to the current labor contract be signed by the Board.


     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Dykstra and Pashby

                               Nays, Willcutt

                               Motion Carried

  Amendment #3


Agreement between

Board of County Road Commissioners of Barry County


The Barry County Road Commission Employees’ Association

January 1, 2003 to December 31, 2006


The “Association” and the “Board” hereby amend the above named contract to allow for the working of four (4), ten (10) hour days at the regular rate of pay (i.e. straight time).  The change will be as follows:


 “Four tens” shall begin on Thursday, July 17th, 2003 and end on Wednesday, November 26th, 2003.  After which time the existing normal work week shall be defined in the Contract named above.


While on “four tens”, work days shall begin at 6:00 a.m. and end at 4:30 p.m., unless management decides that due to daylight it would be in the best interest of the Road Commission to adjust the times.


Compensation for Holidays shall be 10 hours per Holiday if the Holiday falls anytime within a “four ten” week.


The “Association” or the “Board” shall have the right to terminate this amendment and revert to the existing Contract named above on any Thursday (beginning of pay period).  The Association shall give a minimum one week notice if they choose to terminate this amendment early.  Except for unforeseen conditions, the “Board” shall also give a minimum one week notice.


All other work rules and the original contract still apply in situations not amended by this amendment.


Employees shall be required to use 10 hours of sick or vacation hours when off work on a “four ten” day.

   Amendment #3 Cont. 

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this agreement as of the day and year first above written.




COUNTY, MICHIGAN                                              EMPLOYEES’ ASSOCIATION


Donald F. Willcutt, Chairman                                        Scott Bond, President

Roger L. Pashby, Vice-Chairman                                  Dan Burghdoff, Vice-President

D. David Dykstra, Member                                          Robert Garrett, Secretary/Treasurer

                                                                                    Bill Johnston, Member

                                                                                    Mike Lucks, Member


The following preamble and resolution were offered by Member Dykstra and supported by Member Pashby.


Whereas, the Board of County Road Commissioners of the County of Barry (the “Board”) issued its 950,000 Michigan Transportation Fund Notes, Series 2000 (the “Series 2000 Notes”); and


Whereas, the principal amount of the Series 2000 Notes currently outstanding is $570,000 and said outstanding Notes bear interest at the rate of 5.35% per annum; and


Whereas, pursuant to the terms of the Note Authorizing Resolution adopted March 28, 2000 (the “Series 2000 Note Resolution”), the Series 2000 Notes which mature on or after August 1, 2004 may be redeemed, in whole or in part in increments of $5,000 in such order of maturity as the Board may determine, prior to maturity at par plus accrued interest to the date fixed for redemption without premium on any interest payment on or after August 1, 2003; and


Whereas, it is in the best interest of the Board to optionally redeem in full the outstanding Series 2000 Notes which come due on August 1, 2004 in the amount of $190,000 and on August 1, 2005 in the amount of $190,000 from available Board funds on hand.


Now, Therefore, Be It Hereby Resolved As Follows:


1.                  The Board shall redeem the Series 2000 Notes in full on August 1, 2003 (the “Date of Redemption”) in the amount of $380,000.


2.                  The cost of the redemption shall be funded in order of priority from the following funds:


First, funds on hand in the County Road Debt Service Fund established pursuant to Paragraph 9 of the Series 2000 Note Resolution; second, to the extent necessary, the balance from the Board’s Fifth Third Money Market Fund.


3.                  The Barry County Treasurer and Hastings City Bank, as Registrar, are each hereby authorized and directed to undertake all steps necessary to redeem the Series 2000 Notes on the Date of Redemption, including the provision by the Registrar of notice by mail to registered holders, in accordance with the Series 2000 Note Resolution.


4.                  The Secretary is hereby authorized and directed to deliver certified copies of this Resolution to the Barry County Treasurer, Hastings City Bank, as the Registrar for the Series 2000 Notes and to the Municipal Finance Division, Michigan Department of Treasury.


5.                  All resolutions and parts of resolutions in conflict herewith shall be and the same are hereby rescinded.


     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt, Dykstra, and Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried


Meeting adjourned at 11:30 A.M.


_________________________________                   __________________________________

Chairman                                                                          Secretary


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