Road Funding

The main source of funding for the county road commissions is the Michigan Transportation Fund (MTF).  The Michigan Transportation Fund is comprised of the state fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees.  The funds are distributed by the Michigan Department of Treasury using the following formula: 39.1% Michigan Department of Transportation, 39.1% County Road Commissions, 21.8% Cities and Villages.  The 39.1% that all county road commissions receive is further split through a somewhat complex, state legislated formula base on road mileage, population, and vehicle registration fees.  The result is the Barry County Road Commission annually receives approximately 0.3% of the total Michigan Transportation Fund. 

The second largest revenue source for the Barry County Road Commission is received from our 16 townships.  Revenue from the townships is considered the key source of funding to the Barry County Road Commission.  Township contributions are by far the largest non mandated revenue, and with out it the Road Commission would only be able to provide routine maintenance.  Maintaining a strong working relationship with all townships has and will continue to be an important part of daily life at the Barry County Road Commission.

The Barry County Road Commission also receives miscellaneous Federal Funding each year to use on improving eligible roads.

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