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September 28, 2006

 The meeting of the Barry County Road Commission was called to order at 8:00 A.M. by Chairman Willcutt

Members present:  Willcutt, Dykstra, Pashby and Managing Director Brad Lamberg.

The agenda for September 28, 2006 was approved.

Motion by Commissioner Willcutt seconded by Commissioner Dykstra authorizing the Board to sign the 2007-2010 Employees Association Contract.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt, Dykstra, & Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

The minutes of September 19, 2006 were approved as read by the Secretary.

Motion by Commissioner Pashby seconded by Commissioner Dykstra to approve the bills for payment.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt, Dykstra, & Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

   Check               Name                                                                         Amount      

    20055                 THE DALTONS INC.                                                        $50,720.00

    20056                 NAPA AUTO PARTS                                                       $450.53

    20057                 WYOMING ASPHALT PAVING CO                                    $127.74

                            Grand Total:                                                                             $51,298.27

Motion by Commissioner Willcutt seconded by Commissioner Pashby whereas the Plat of Autumn Ridge Estates in Section 19 of Irving Township, T4N, R9W, has been approved and 0.37 miles of Pauverly Drive, 0.58 miles of Autumn Ridge Drive, and 0.09 miles of Autumn Ridge Court in this Plat have been constructed to our specifications.

 Now therefore be it resolved that the above road be accepted into the Barry County Road System and the Board to assume maintenance of said roads and add these roads to our annual Mileage Certification sent to the Michigan Department of Transportation on 3-1-07.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt & Pashby

                               Abstain, Dykstra

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

Dave Bursley, Woodland Township Supervisor, discussed Davenport Road status after the Public Hearing and road name signs at Eagle Point at Jordan Lake.

A letter from Grashuis Farms, LLC against the abandonment of Davenport Road was read.

Motion by Commissioner Pashby seconded by Commissioner Dykstra to encourage the Legislators to press a gas tax increase after the November elections.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt, Dykstra, & Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

Motion by Commissioner Willcutt seconded by Commissioner Dykstra to accept bids on October 17, 2006 for a new truck for the Managing Director.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt, Dykstra, & Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 A.M.

_________________________________                   __________________________________

Chairman                                                                      Secretary


September 21, 2006

 The special meeting of the Barry County Road Commission was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Chairman Willcutt for discussion regarding Davenport Road between Durkee Road and Martin Road including the possible abandonment.

Members present:  Willcutt, Pashby and Managing Director Brad Lamberg.  Dykstra excused.

Introductions, meeting format, and brief history were made by Chairman Willcutt.

Chairman Willcutt called for those in support of abandonment. 

Mr. and Mrs. Diekhoff were in support of the abandonment due to significant dumping and road damage caused by off road vehicles.

There were no others in support of abandonment.

Chairman Willcutt called for those against abandonment. 

Jim Wickham, Harv McClelland, Ken Heise, Gary Smith, Steve DeMaagd all spoke against the abandonment for reasons of wanting to keep the road open for public use and did not believe gating and abandonment would be successful.

There were no others against abandonment.

Miscellaneous comments and discussion ensued including public and land owners volunteering to keep the area picked up. 

Motion by Commissioner Willcutt seconded by Commissioner Pashby to provide Woodland Township with an estimate to upgrade the road and work with Mr. Heise on obtaining material at a closer location, contact law enforcement to make them more aware of this problem, to look into county and/or township dumping ordinances that would increase the fines and responsibility of those caught dumping, and to re-address the future of this section of Davenport Road at the request of the township or citizens.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Willcutt & Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 P.M.

_________________________________                   __________________________________

Chairman                                                                      Secretary


September 19, 2006

 The meeting of the Barry County Road Commission was called to order at 8:00 A.M. by Vice-Chairman Pashby

Members present:  Dykstra, Pashby and Managing Director Brad Lamberg.  Willcutt excused.

The agenda for September 19, 2006 was approved.

The minutes of August 22, 2006 were approved as read by the Secretary.

Motion by Commissioner Dykstra seconded by Commissioner Pashby to approve the payroll for payment.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Dykstra & Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

CHECK              NAME                                                                            AMOUNT

9/5/06                  Barry County Road Commission                                       $78,939.28

9/19/06                Barry County Road Commission                                       $76,377.32

Motion by Commissioner Dykstra seconded by Commissioner Pashby to approve the bills for payment.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Dykstra & Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

   Check               Name                                                                         Amount      

    19916                 ALRO STEEL CORPORATION                                           $797.24

    19918                 MICHIGAN CHLORIDE SALES LLC                                    $35,412.27

    19919                 NAPA AUTO PARTS                                                       $900.21

    19920                 WYOMING ASPHALT PAVING CO                                    $253.38

    19921                 AFLAC                                                                          $132.00

    19922                 AGGREGATE INDUSTRIES                                               $46.00

    19923                 REGIONS INTERSTATE BILLING                                       $384.96

    19924                 ALEXANDER WALDEN                                                   $552.54

    19925                 ALFRED MARTZ                                                            $138.28

    19926                 ASR CORPORATION                                                       $90.00

    19927                 BARRY COUNTY LUMBER                                               $14.49

    19928                 BEAVER RESEARCH COMPANY                                       $320.50

    19929                 BERT KEELER                                                                $380.00

    19930                 BESCO WATER TREATMENT INC                                    $40.25

    19931                 BETTY MOORE                                                              $138.28

    19932                 BIT MAT PRODUCTS                                                      $125,667.87

    19933                 BRAD LAMBERG                                                            $609.01

    19934                 CARLETON EQUIPMENT CO                                            $2,091.83

    19935                 CHARLES BENEDICT                                                      $276.54

    19936                 CHOICE ONE COMMUNICATIONS                                    $471.61

    19937                 CONSUMERS ENERGY                                                     $1,469.73

    19938                 COUNTY ROAD ASSOCIATION                                        $350.00

    19939                 DIC CRAVEN                                                                  $276.54

    19940                 DUANE WINDES                                                            $14.49

    19941                 DUTHLER TRUCK CENTER                                              $971.25

    19942                 EAGLE COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY INC                             $728.80

    19943                 FIDELITY INVESTMENTS                                                $5,994.79

    19944                 FILLMORE EQUIPMENT, INC                                           $1,743.86

    19945                 FRONTLINE MAINTENANCE LLC                                     $1,680.00

    19946                 CHRIS BEBEAU BCRC                                                     $255.07

    19947                 GAYLORD PENNINGTON                                                 $276.54

    19948                 GERALD CISLER                                                             $552.54

    19950                 GUARDIAN ALARM COMPANY                                      $23.92

    19951                 HASTINGS ACE HARDWARE                                          $80.98

    19952                 HASLER INC                                                                  $57.00

    19953                 HOWARD HOSTETLER                                                   $552.54

    19954                 HUGH MCPHERSON                                                        $138.28

    19955                 JACK KINEMAN                                                            $552.54

   Check               Name                                                                         Amount      

    19956                 JDE EQUIPMENT COMPANY                                            $2,344.48

    19957                 JERRY HALL’S SEPTIC SERVICE LLC                                  $160.00

    19958                 JERRYS TIRE SERVICE                                                     $1,732.25

    19960                 KENNETH HURLESS                                                       $552.54

    19961                 KENNETH PRANSHKA                                                    $552.54

    19962                 KENT OIL COMPANY, INC.                                              $22,604.25

    19963                 KENDALL PRANSHKA                                                    $138.28

    19964                 KETCHUM MACHINE CO                                                $490.00

    19965                 LJ FLUID POWER INC                                                      $470.63

    19966                 M&K QUALITY TRUCK CENTER                                      $195.31

    19967                 MARK WEEKS                                                               $28.63

    19968                 MEEKHOF LAKESIDE DOCK INC                                      $8,115.39

    19969                 MICHIGAN CAT                                                             $397.60

    19970                 MICHIGAN CHLORIDE SALES LLC                                    $14,189.16

    19971                 MICHIGAN KENWORTH                                                 $54.42

    19972                 MIKE NORTON                                                              $20.47

    19973                 MODEL COVERALL SERVICE                                           $39.58

    19974                 NAPA AUTO PARTS                                                       $10.29

    19975                 NEAL’S TRUCK PARTS                                                    $588.54

    19976                 NORMAN JACK LENZ                                                     $552.54

    19977                 PATRICIA WOLF                                                            $328.44

    19978                 PAUL PRANSHKA                                                          $552.54

    19979                 PROFESSIONAL BENEFITS SERVICES                                $2,622.00

    19980                 PURITY CYLINDER GASES INC                                         $478.37

    19981                 QUALITY STAFFING SOLUTION                                      $342.21

    19982                 QUILL CORPORATION                                                    $30.67

    19983                 RICHARD RAYMOND                                                     $276.54

    19984                 ROAD EQUIPMENT PARTS                                              $326.04

    19985                 ROBERT BAINES                                                            $276.54

    19986                 ROBERT NAGEL                                                             $552.54

    19987                 ROBERT RUSSELL                                                          $276.54

    19988                 ROBERT SLOCUM                                                          $689.72

    19989                 SCOTT CIVIL ENGINEERING COMPANY                            $3,783.29

    19990                 STANDARD INSURANCE CO.                                          $450.24

    19991                 STATE WIRE & TERMINAL                                             $50.66

    19993                 TRUCK & TRAILER SPECIALTIES                                     $72.51

    19994                 VESCO OIL CORPORATION                                              $1,393.09

    19995                 WASTE MANAGEMENT OF MI                                        $131.63

    19996                 WAYNE ROUSH                                                             $552.54

    19997                 WOODLAND SALES & SERVICE                                       $229.98

    19998                 WYOMING ASPHALT PAVING CO                                    $515.17

    19999                 MICHIGAN PAVING & MA                                              $449.01

    20000                 BARRY COUNTY                                                            $175.00

    20001                 STEVE LEARY                                                                $26.28

    20003                 MICHIGAN CHLORIDE SALES LLC                                    $22,626.42

    20004                 NAPA AUTO PARTS                                                       $215.86

    20005                 NORTHERN SAFETY CO. INC                                           $44.85

    20006                 WYOMING ASPHALT PAVING CO                                    $1,391.70

    20007                 ALLTEL                                                                         $231.45

    20008                 AMERICAN MESSAGING                                                $12.35

    20009                 BESCO WATER TREATMENT INC                                    $51.75

    20010                 BJ HYDRAULICS INC.                                                      $116.86

    20011                 BLUE CARE NETWORK                                                   $16,719.40

    20012                 BRAD LAMBERG                                                            $604.76

    20013                 CITY OF HASTINGS                                                        $304.30

    20014                 COGITATE INC                                                               $75.00

    20015                 D & M MACHINE DIVISION INC                                       $3,344.87

    20016                 EYE & ENT SPECIALISTS                                                 $76.38

    20017                 FIDELITY INVESTMENTS                                                $5,734.60

    20018                 FITZPATRICK’S                                                              $200.00

    20019                 HASTINGS ACE HARDWARE                                          $75.26

    20020                 HASTINGS BANNER                                                       $40.11

    20021                 IKON OFFICE SOLUTIONS                                               $292.74

    20022                 J-AD GRAPHICS, INC.                                                      $43.25

    20023                 JAS NETWORKS INC                                                      $126.30

    20024                 JERRYS TIRE SERVICE                                                     $435.69

    20025                 MCNICHOLS COMPANY                                                 $356.28

    20026                 MICHIGAN CAT                                                             $67.82

    20028                 MICHIGAN CHLORIDE SALES LLC                                    $28,504.55

    20029                 MODEL COVERALL SERVICE                                           $39.58

   Check               Name                                                                         Amount      

    20030                 MUSKEGON COUNTY ROAD COMM                                $250.00

    20031                 NAPA AUTO PARTS                                                       $755.77

    20032                 NEAL’S TRUCK PARTS                                                    $3,982.92

    20033                 NES TRAFFIC SAFETY                                                    $245.00

    20034                 NEXTEL COMMUNICATIONS                                          $329.14

    20035                 OTTAWA BRUSH & CHEMICAL                                      $195.10

    20036                 PENNOCK HOSPITAL                                                      $82.00

    20037                 PURITY CYLINDER GASES INC                                         $416.36

    20038                 QUALITY STAFFING SOLUTION                                      $1,259.37

    20039                 QUILL CORPORATION                                                    $62.44

    20040                 RADIO COMMUNICATIONS INC.                                     $1,722.00

    20041                 RANDY ROUSH                                                              $25.50

    20042                 ROAD EQUIPMENT PARTS                                              $1,263.31

    20043                 ROBERT RICHARDSON                                                   $89.07

    20044                 ROGER PASHBY                                                             $369.94

    20045                 RXOPTICAL                                                                   $72.00

    20046                 S A E INDUSTRIES, INC                                                   $362.13

    20047                 TRACTOR SUPPLY COMPANY                                         $212.68

    20048                 TRUCK & TRAILER SPECIALTIES                                     $472.07

    20049                 VALLEY INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS, INC                             $542.09

    20050                 WONCH BATTERY COMPANY                                         $599.68

    20051                 WOODLAND SALES & SERVICE                                       $16.09

    20052                 WYKSTRA OIL COMPANY                                              $48.81

    20053                 WYOMING ASPHALT PAVING CO                                    $340.36

    20054                 BARRY COUNTY                                                            $250.00

                            Grand Total:                                                                          $347,950.54

Motion by Commissioner Dykstra seconded by Commissioner Pashby to adopt the revised Driveway Permit Policy dated September 19, 2006.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Dykstra & Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried


Landowners of property fronting public roads have certain rights of access consistent with their needs.  The traveling public has certain rights to freedom of movement, safety and efficient expenditure of their public highway funds.  It rests on the highway authority to regulate and control the location, design and operation of driveways; and, to the extent feasible, satisfy the needs of both landowners and the traveling public.

The construction of private driveways and furnishing culverts or gravel are not considered efficient expenditures of public road funds.  Therefore the total cost of constructing and maintaining a driveway connecting to a county road shall be borne by the property owner.  These costs may include, but are not limited to, excavation, ditching, embankment, clearing, gravel, asphalt, concrete, culverts or signs.

Act 200, Public Acts of 1969, Section 4 thereof, charges the highway authority with the responsibility to issue driveway permits consistent with the rules promulgated by the highway authority for public safety and in the public interest.


When the type or volume of traffic using an existing driveway changes because of a change in land use or roadside development, the owner, organization, or person responsible for operation of the driveway shall be required to obtain a permit and correct the driveway(s) to the standard contained in these rules.

It is the responsibility of the landowner to design and construct his/her driveway and parking areas in a manner so as not to impair existing drainage.

The contractor/owner shall provide and properly maintain all signs and barricades necessary to complete construction in a safe manner.  Construction zone signing shall be done in accordance with the current edition of the Michigan Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

The landowner shall provide and properly maintain permanent traffic signs and pavement markings which the Road Commission determines are necessary for proper operation of the driveway.  Only those traffic signs and pavement markings approved by the Road Commission may be used within the road Right of Way.  Signs and pavement markings shall conform to the current edition of the Michigan Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, unless otherwise approved by the County Highway Engineer.

In the event that a concrete driveway is removed or damaged due to road construction activities performed by the Road Commission, replacement within the road Right of Way may be made with Bituminous Materials in lieu of concrete.


Driveways shall have a minimum 4% slope down and away from the edge of the existing shoulder for a minimum distance of 10′ or to the existing ditch line, whichever is greater.

All drives shall enter perpendicular to the existing roadway.  Driveways will not be allowed within 75 feet of the intersection of two roads.

A drive culvert shall be installed as determined by the Road Commission or its agents.  The Road Commission shall determine the type, size and location of the culvert.  Minimum requirements for residential drives shall be 12″ diameter by 30′ long.  Minimum requirements for commercial drives or drives serving 3 or more residents shall be 12″ diameter by 40′ long.  Furthermore Commercial driveway requirements will vary on a site by site basis, with requirements not to exceed the Barry County Road Commission Commercial Plat Specifications.

Most culverts can be purchased from the Road Commission at the current price of the culvert.  Culverts are delivered by the Road Commission once a week for an additional delivery charge determined by management.

If the culvert is not purchased from the Road Commission, the culvert shall conform to MDOT standard specifications, Table 401-1; Class 1 Culverts.  Culverts other than those listed will not be allowed unless otherwise approved by the Road Commission.

Construction of headwalls at culvert ends is prohibited.

A minimum of 4 inches of processed gravel is required on the entire drive within the Right of Way.


All drives shall be inspected by the Road Commission to insure that there is adequate sight distance for entering and exiting a county road.  To provide for adequate sight distance, all obstructions must be removed as required by the Road Commission.  Sight distance, looking each way from the driveway centerline, shall be measured along the centerline from an eye height of 3.5 feet to a 2.0 foot tall object in the roadway.  The eye height at the driveway centerline shall be positioned 15 feet from the edge of the county road.

The following sight distances, according to the posted regulatory speed limit (adjusted for conditions), shall be required:

                                    Speed                          Minimum                      Desired

                        25 MPH                       150 feet                        150 feet

                        30 MPH                       200 feet                        200 feet

                        35 MPH                       250 feet                        250 feet

                        40 MPH                       300 feet                        325 feet

                        45 MPH                       350 feet                        400 feet

                        50 MPH                       400 feet                        475 feet

                        55 MPH                       450 feet                        550 feet

The distances are the minimum for a flat grade and more may be required as determined by the Road Commission.

The distances in the middle column above are minimum distances.  The desired distances should be achieved where possible including relocating of driveways within the current property limits.  The Road Commission will require driveways to be relocated to a point where the above sight distances can be obtained.  Special consideration may be given on a site by site basis based on the geometric configuration of the existing county road.

More sight distance, than listed above, is desirable and landowners may be required to locate a drive to provide more sight distance and safety as determined by the Road Commission.


The fee for all driveway permits shall be $35.00.

Motion by Commissioner Pashby seconded by Commissioner Dykstra to approve the installation of a new stop sign at the following locations:

Road Name                                        Intersection                Plat name                           Township

South Bound Autumn Ridge Drive         at Barnum Road           Autumn Ridge Estates               Irving

North Bound Autumn Ridge Court        at Autumn Ridge Dr      Autumn Ridge Estates               Irving

East Bound Autumn Ridge Drive           at Pauverly Drive          Autumn Ridge Estates               Irving

South Bound Pauverly Drive                 at Autumn Ridge Dr      Autumn Ridge Estates               Irving

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Dykstra & Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

Motion by Commissioner Pashby seconded by Commissioner Dykstra authorizing Managing Director Brad Lamberg to sign an easement with Wal-Mart in the best interest of the Road Commission.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Dykstra & Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

Motion by Commissioner Pashby seconded by Commissioner Dykstra authorizing Walker, Fluke, and Sheldon Certified Public Accountants to perform the 2006 financial audit.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Dykstra & Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

Motion by Commissioner Dykstra seconded by Commissioner Pashby to sign and approve the Employee Agreement for Managing Director Bradley Lamberg from September 19, 2006 to September 30, 2010.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Dykstra & Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

Motion by Commissioner Dykstra seconded by Commissioner Pashby to change the regular meeting date of October 3, 2006 to September 28, 2006 at 8:00 A.M.

     ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Dykstra & Pashby

                               Nays, None

                               Motion Carried

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 A.M.

_________________________________                   __________________________________

Chairman                                                                      Secretary