June 4, 2019



The regular meeting of the Barry County Road Commission was called to order at the Road Commission’s Board Room at 7:30 A.M. by Chairman Solmes.


Members present:  Solmes, Fiala, Dykstra and Managing Director Bradley Lamberg.


The agenda for June 4, 2019 was approved.


The minutes of May 21, 2019 were approved as printed.



Motion was made and seconded to approve payroll for payment.


ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Solmes, Fiala, & Dykstra

Nays, None

Motion Carried


CHECK             NAME                                                                            AMOUNT

5/31/19                Barry County Road Commission                                    $116,116.26




Motion was made and seconded to approve the bills for payment.


ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Solmes, Fiala, & Dykstra

Nays, None

Motion Carried



Check Number Vendor Name Check Amount
39869 Accurate Truck & Field Service $5,943.78
39870 Adam Nieland $103.05
39871 Adams Remco Inc $506.89
39872 Ash N Trees $13,007.63
39873 Barbara Sue Hanneman $300.00
39874 Barry County Land Info Service $5,473.25
39875 Battle Creek Health Systems, $283.50
39880 Capital One Bank $21,622.67
39881 Chris BeBeau BCRC $118.51
39882 Consumers Energy $2,805.91
39883 Core & Main $5,774.68
39884 County Rd Association Self Ins $20,657.97
39885 CSI/GEOTURF, Inc. $1,800.00
39886 D & B Heat Transfer Products $1,445.25
39887 D & K Truck Company $988.25
39888 David Forman $100.00
39889 Floyd’s Electric Service Inc $160.00
39890 Frontline Maintenance & Serv. $6,198.10
39891 Hastings Ace Hardware $219.80
39892 Hubbard Supply Company $1,465.55
39893 Huizinga Rebuilding And Truck $122.68
39894 J & H Oil Company $24,224.10
39895 JX Enterprises, Inc. $45.99
39896 Kentwood Office Furniture $737.12
39897 Kimball Midwest $816.78
39898 Lakeland Asphalt Corp $816.26
Check Number Vendor Name Check Amount
39899 Lincoln National Life Ins $211.15
39900 Materials Testings Consultants $1,480.00
39901 Mexican Connexion Restaurant $990.00
39902 Mika, Meyers, Beckett & Jones $102.00
39903 Pressure Connections Corp $43.54
39904 SME Inc. $2,104.40
39905 St. Regis Culvert Inc $5,954.00
39906 State Of Michigan $197.61
39907 State Wire & Terminal $381.81
39908 Superior Asphalt Inc $126.60
39909 Todd Wenzel Buick GMC $45,893.30
39910 Unum $423.15
39911 Walker, Fluke, & Sheldon PLC $9,000.00
39912 Wyoming Asphalt Paving Co $1,455.85
39913 Yellow Rose Transport, Inc. $35,493.35
39914 Corrigan Enterprises $73.72
Total $219,668.20



Motion was made and seconded to accept Woodland Township Resolution for Road Work.


ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Solmes, Fiala, & Dykstra

Nays, None

Motion Carried


WHEREAS:  The excellent maintenance of roads is a matter of pride in the township; and


WHEREAS:  The township residents have approved extra voted millage for road maintenance; and


WHEREAS:  Proper maintenance of both paved and gravel roads is a benefit to our residents;


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Woodland Township Board hereby directs the Barry County Road Commission to proceed with the following road projects in 2019:


Dust Control, 2 passes 26% 1000 gallons per pass                                                     $9,000

Extra Gravel:  extra miles                                                                                           $129,472


Approved in 2019

Pavement Marking 19.62 miles                                                                                   $9,605

Coats Grove Road (Woodland to M-66) Crack Seal                                                 $3,675

Cunningham Road (Brown to Vedder) Crack Seal                                                    $1,698

Martin Road (Brown to Vedder) Crack Seal                                                             $3,500

Martin Road (Barnum to M-43) Crack Seal                                                               $3,500

Martin Road (Davenport to Barnum) Crack Seal                                                       $3,500

Woodland Road (Village Limits to Brown) Crack Seal                                             $5,250

Velte Road (Barnum to M-43) Crack Seal                                                                 $3,500


Total                                                                                                                            $172,700









Motion was made and seconded WHEREAS, the Barry County Road Commission recognizes the value in selling their Federal-Aid dollars;


WHEREAS. The Barry County Road Commission plans on selling Federal-Aid in the amount of $748,603 for 2020.


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of County Road Commissioners for Barry County agree to begin negotiations with potential Road Commission buyers of Federal-Aid dollars for the 2020 construction season.



ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Solmes, Fiala, & Dykstra

Nays, None

Motion Carried



Jake Welch explained to the Board that there are trees in Chaffee Pit that need to be removed in order for us to crushed gravel.  Mark Bishop, arborist, invited 8 potential bidders to give quotes.   He received the following:


Quality Hardwoods    $8,251

Buskirk Lumber          $8,292

Devereaux Sawmill     $10,150.


Motion was made and seconded to have Jake Welch, Director of Operations, sign a contract with Devereaux Sawmill to purchase the trees in Chaffee Pit for 10,150.


ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Solmes, Fiala, & Dykstra

Nays, None

Motion Carried



Jake Welch also gave the Board an update on the contractor Ash N Tree who are cutting trees in Irving Township.



Motion was made and seconded to adopt the Speed Limit Policy and place in the policy book.


ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Solmes, Fiala, & Dykstra

Nays, None

Motion Carried




To provide for safe operation of Barry County Roads by providing traffic speeds that reflect those required in the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code (MVC).  The MVC has set procedures for setting speeds on every segment of roadway under the BCRC’s jurisdiction.  The MVC has also set procedures for amending these limits.




The MVC sections 257.627 & 257.628 in their entireties encompass setting current speed limits as well as procedures in which to follow in the event that a stakeholder determines that in their opinion the speed limit is improper.  Proper signage for these limits is also covered in the MVC.







Speed Limit Policy Cont.




It is the responsibility of the Engineering department to oversee speed limit setting, handle requests and execute the procedures set forth in the MVC to ensure compliance to this policy.  It is the responsibility of the sign department to place and maintain all speed limit signs.




Setting Current Speed Limits

Current speed limits as set by use of the MVC or by previous Traffic Control Order (TCO) shall be recorded and signed as per the MVC.


Assessment methods

The BCRC will confer the most up to date MVC to determine, set, and post speed limits.  Request for speed studies shall be received from the townships on the resolution template included in this policy.  Once a signed resolution has been received or the BCRC has determined their own reasoning of need, the BCRC shall conduct the speed study as per the MVC.



Michigan Motor Vehicle Code           Section 257.627-257.628



Speed Study Request Resolution Temple




______________________ Township





__________________Township Board member ____________________ offered the following Resolution and moved for its adoption:


WHEREAS, the Township Board feels that the current speed limit on ______________Rd between ______________Rd and ________________Rd is incorrect and therefore unsafe for vehicle travel,


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the _______________ Township Board is formally requesting the Barry County Road Commission (BCRC) to conduct a speed study on _________________________ from ________________ to ____________________.  It is understood that BCRC in cooperation with Michigan State Police (MSP) will use the engineering data gathered in the speed study to make a decision which could raise the speed limit, lower the speed limit or keep the speed limit as it is. It is further understood that ___________________ Township will abide by the decision made by BCRC and MSP as a result of this speed study.



Township of _______________________________________




Signature                                                                              Date








The Board discussed East Shore Drive at Crooked Lake and the need to raise the road to get it above water level.


Motion was made and seconded to approve raising East Shore Drive at Crooked Lake.


ROLL CALL:  Yeas, Solmes, Fiala, & Dykstra

Nays, None

Motion Carried



Meeting adjourned at 8:30 A.M.





















_________________________________                   __________________________________

Secretary                                                                     Chairman

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